Poli wants a cracker started in 2010 transforming music and creating new one. Far away from it, she understands music above all as a transmitting of ideas and feelings, without barriers or limits.

Poli Wants a cracker (Ses Salines, 1992) started to sing with her father in hotels and festivities in the town and private parties, she has also participied with the popular group Pirates Pirats and singer and clarinettist of the group L'orange. Nowadays, she has started her solitary career and she is member of the versions group The get ready's



The next components will come, and they will delight us with the better swing:

Néstor Casas...vocals, trompet

Dídac Buscató...cube-bass-charles, slide trombone, chorus

Sergio Tecglen...ukelele, chorus, whistle, foca (Dr Jazz)


Italo-swing. Bona música i diversió assegurada.

Italo-swing. Good music and fun.




Monologue: The plague

Play-writting and direction: Sebastià Portell i Clar

Interpretation: Laura Rosselló Garcies

Synopsis: What is the difference between animals and people? Can we distinguish them? Months ago the town has been invaded by rats and there's no way to chase them out. The plague, a monologue of Sebastià Portell i Clar, interpreted by Laura Rosselló, is a reflection about our present  since the past, which, as the rats and ghosts, it always returns if we don't know how to release from it.

Thanks to: Apol·lònia Clar Serra, Isabel Serra Salom and Joan Serra Salom



'School of brave verse': poetic-teaching recital

Participate: Lucia Pietrelli, Glòria Julià Estelricg, Antoni Caldentey i Pau Vadell

A poetic recital about the words strenght when it's time to teach and bring up a person and a town. Only the brave verses can be the basis of this home that have been and will be essential in everyone's life: the school. From Blai Bonet to Ovidi Montllor, among other poets, a dialogue of crossed voices in favour of the alive words, pointed and fertile.